Many companies complain about the difficulty of acquiring new online customers because they lack the physical contact and it is more difficult to obtain the customer’s confidence and show their quality in relation to others. The web also presents a myriad of benefits which is a real shame to let yourself escape.

With these 6 simple straights you can effectively bypass the barriers of the web and easily find many new customers online!

Why is the budget so important?

One of the key aspects not to lose a potential customer is to communicate in a correct and effective way from the first contact, starting from the budget.

In fact, in this case the quotation is like your business card: A presentation of yourself and of your service, which if well done will allow you to emerge on the competitors and conquer the customer.

Here are a number of good tips to expedite the sending of the quote, so that you can put the customer in the ideal condition to sign the contract with you!
1. The customer must be contacted immediately

Customers should be contacted when they are still hot. For this my advice, once purchased the contact, is to respond immediately to the customer when making a request for quotation.

If stall in contacting him, you run the risk that the customer has already done his need if he had an urgency or changed his mind if he was not entirely convinced.

That is why it is essential to be timely in response to quotation requests. When a customer has an urgency you cannot make it wait, and when he is not so convinced, an expert’s opinion can be fundamental in positively influencing his choice.

For this reason, my advice is to start with a strategy already well defined when you decide to contact the customer.

For example, writing a quote every time starting from scratch is a waste of time. Instead, prepare a “standard” quotation: that is, a scheme that is ready to change quickly with details for the customer in question.

It’s easy, fast and promptly ready to send to be the first!

2. As an adviser, not only as a seller

You know, sellers are never very well seen in the eyes of the customer and no one likes to feel a simple means to make cash. For this reason to introduce yourself as an expert advisor in the field, it can prove to be a winning card that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

Show yourself interested in the needs and needs of the customers, from the advice without commitment and not just try to sell your service.

3. Send a perfect quote to which they will not be able to resist

To begin in great style, always remember to be quick in the realization, detailed but not too verbose and precise in the topics dealt with.

The winning card is not just about cost competitiveness, but rather the way you present yourself.

The costs indicated in the estimate in fact, are undoubtedly the data to which the customer will give more attention, but it is good not to underestimate the importance of presentation and clarity and transparency in the exposition.

What else do you need to draw up a quote that interests, meets and convinces? Let’s go for steps.

4. Probe the ground

The quotation is not a spreadsheet: Clearly describe your offer to make it as comprehensible as possible to the customer. This is a key element for an effective budget.

Remember that nobody tends to buy something that does not understand, therefore, the cunning to write a cryptic quote just to try to confuse the counterpart is simply detrimental to your interests.

Finally, try to present yourself clearly but at the same time flexible when you expose the conditions of your offer.

Here is a little secret marketing: Many use the strategy of a bid at three prices. One low, one average (which is the closest to the price to which you are willing to lend the service) and a actually high.

In this way, the customer will depart the first and last, holding them respectively “poor” and “excessive”, concentrating on the second, just the one that you want to charge.

5. Send Quote

You are now ready to contact the customer and send him the quotation of your offer.

Try not to harass him too much or show you hasty. Everyone has its own times and you have to respect them.

If the customer for this time does not choose you, do not discourage you. Around there are many other customers ready to receive your services. You just have to find the right ones!

6. Final tips for a perfect quote

– Do not be afraid of competition: if you are competent and offer a quality service the customer will understand it.

– To emerge on competitors you do not need to exaggerate the price of your services. It tries rather to be timely, detailed and above all ordered in the presentation of the quotation. In addition, it seeks in all ways of transmitting security, competence and seriousness.

– Be flexible on the price but not insecure. Communicating to the customer a too wide price range transmits insecurity and disorients the customer, putting it in trouble. In addition, your price indecision informs insecurity about the real value of the good or service in question for which the advice is to communicate a basic fixed price to then, hopefully, start a negotiation.

– Humility is perceived as a strong point by customers. Trying to overestimate the value of the service or even the reputation of the company, induces the customer to be suspicious. In addition, in case the service does not meet the expectations, it will produce an effect of bad reputation and bad word of mouth.

– armed with so much patience. It often happens to have to deal with really tough customers. Important, in these cases, you never lose patience and continue to offer alternative solutions to the customer without ever altering the tones of the conversation.

In a frenetic and competitive society like ours, where customers are increasingly bombarded with offers and information, to spread an attractive quote and able to capture the attention becomes essential both to push the customer to choose you that to give Credit to your reputation.

So, summing up, my advice for you is to prove yourself safe, accurate, and above all concrete in the first contact with an online customer. These elements are essential to reassure a fearful customer because the contact takes place on the net and let him pass every fear.

What are you waiting for? Contact the customer now and show them what you can do!