We all know that to increase sales you need to find new customers. But how?

People will be interested in you and your products only if they know of your existence, so it is essential to have good visibility. 28.9 million Italians have been sailing for two years at least once a day and 17.2 million access the web via smartphone; Just cross the doors of the web and discover how to find new customers online. Not owning a website, these days, is a drawback.

The consumer when he needs to meet a particular need starts by searching for information on the web, it goes without saying that if you are not present among the searches you can not be chosen. The process of finding new online customers must be done by degrees, the immensity of the Internauta people puts you in the condition of having to restrict the market, you can follow this strategy through the sales funnel, which I will explain in the next Paragraph, at the end of which you will have at your disposal a certain number of customers definitely interested in your products.

The sale funnel

To make sure that the Visitiatori that arrive on your website become paying customers, it is very important to have good in mind as you articulate your sales funnel, that is the path that follows from the initial research phase until you make the decision to buy A product or rely on you for a service.

This process is often called a funnel because it can be described as a sort of funnel where users ‘ visits come from above, and from below – or at least they should go out – sales and conversions.

This sale funnel is divided into 3 main parts:

  • The first part is the one that takes into account a large number of users, at this stage you have to attract as many people as possible to your site. The more people you manage to bring on your site and the more likely you will have to find new customers and increase your turnover.
  • The second part, is taken with a part of the users who viewed, these are those who liked the site and begin to interact with it. To retain the largest number of customers, particular attention must be paid to the structure of the website and usability. At this stage you have to educate the Poentziali customers about everything related to your product, so as to generate your interest and turn it into a lead, or a contact that has registered and left you his contacts.
  • The third and final part of your sales funnel is aimed at selling, you have collected a number of visitors, you have gotten their contacts and now is the right time to take advantage of this sales opportunity. . If you try to sell your product or service when the customer is still in the initial stages, you will have much less chance of closing a bargain.

How to bring traffic to your website

How do you bring as many customers as possible in the first part of your funnel?
You will have to create as much traffic as possible on your site. The best ways to do this are essentially 3:

  1. The blog: You can create this section in your website, here the user will find content constantly updated by you or those who will take care of it, is what will make your site active. The contents will cover all the interests that unite your potential customers, must be consistent with the activity carried out by your company. The keywords and content in general will be indexed by the search engine that will make them appear on the search results page each time a similar search is made by a navigator. A page containing good articles will allow you to be displayed once, while a page with constantly updated articles will allow you to be viewed several times.
  2. Paid campaigns: You can activate paid campaigns through which every click will the potential customer to your site. You can use two modes in particular: campaigns in AdWords and banners. To learn more about this type of campaign, read the article “better investing in an online advertising or a traditional one?”.
  3. Dem (Direct email Marketing): This is a strategy that involves sending emails to potential customers or existing customers with the website link. To convince customers to click We suggest you offer some discount or other exclusive advantage accessible only with a code (PROMOCODE) that they find in the mail.

How to convince customers to stay on your site

One of the fundamental aspects is surely the web design: How pleasing is visual and functional your site?
You must create all the necessary conditions to convert the visitor into potential customer and you will have only one chance, then the responsibility passes to the graphics of the site, on average in the first 8 seconds the user decides whether to continue venturing into the exploration of the site or abandon it.

Use a color scheme designed to be captivating and at the same time directing the customer in the right direction that is usually a contact form or trolley. For this work I recommend you to contact a Web agency experienced in user experience.

As for simplicity, however, I refer to usability or the efficiency of the site: once landed on the website the user in a few seconds must understand how to use. The structure of your site must be functional and easy to read. As Steve Jobs says: The design does not have to do with the “How it looks”, but with the “how it works”.

To simplify the reading of the page you can enter call to action, such as the buttons with the inscription “register” to make that particular path immediate. The data card pages must be short and easy to compile.

Finally, the graphics must adapt perfectly to each device, even the mobile ones since many people prefer navigation from the smartphone or tablet rather than from the PC. To do this you can choose whether to create an app or a responsive site. Make this choice simple by reading two of our articles: Create an app in 5 steps and pros and cons of a responsive site.

Getting profile contacts

All the work of the previous stages of the funnel serves to prepare the customer at the final stage: the sale. If the customer has arrived until this stage is definitely strongly interested in what you offer and now is the right time to sink the shot. Use the contacts you have acquired with the utmost care to generate as many sales as possible.

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