Bizfinity, Inc., developer of the most advanced, adaptable online business applications for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the immediate availability of BizfinityPro 7.0. The new version introduces two new suites to the extensive array of products available: Distribution Suite and Manufacturing Suite.

Manufacturing Suite is Bizfinity’s most complete and comprehensive solution, providing all the modules available in other suites, with the addition of a new module, Assemblies Manager. Assemblies Manager brings incomparable flexibility in configuring and managing assembled items, and real-time integration with BizfinityPro’s Order Manager and Distribution Manager. Subassemblies are handled at unlimited levels, and the system automatically calculates component availability to satisfy outstanding orders and updates component inventory as each item is built and shipped. Support is provided for Finished Goods, Bundles (Kits) and Build To Order items, as well as full integration with BizfinityPro’s order-entry and e-Commerce capabilities.

BizfinityPro allows its users to sell products online, and now with Assemblies Manager, customers can select from an online list of components of any build-to-order item – such as a PC or bicycle, an item of furniture or jewelry, and instantly see the final assembled price. BizfinityPro automatically feeds all online orders into the back office assembly, inventory, shipping and billing processes, all included in the BizfinityPro Manufacturing Suite.

Distribution Suite and Manufacturing Suite come fully loaded with Bizfinity’s other modules, including Web Site Creator, Web Store Creator, Credit Card Manager, Sales Manager, and Accounting Manager. Included in these modules, BizfinityPro offers interactive e-Commerce, CRM, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory, and credit card processing, all delivered in a tightly-integrated online business system.

Bizfinity, Inc. is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides an advanced Business Synchronization Platform for growing businesses. Bizfinity’s platform was written from the ground up as a ‘Web-based’ application, fully equipped to operate at true Internet speed. Bizfinity’s platform is robust, scalable and secure, built on Oracle’s 8i database and operating on Sun Microsystem’s Enterprise servers, designed to deliver a high level of fault tolerance and real-time mirroring capabilities. Bizfinity transfers all data over secure Internet connections using proprietary encryption techniques as well as bank-standard 128-bit Server Gated Cryptography (SGC), stringently tested by Bizfinity partner Citibank.