About TrenchMice

Our Mission

Here at TrenchMice, our goal is to provide an open, honest, secure, and professional forum for you to provide the inside scoop on your managers and employers. We respect your input – and to ensure the highest quality experience, we’ll provide you with a community that is self-policing, self-categorizing, and self-moderating.

Who We Are

We are chicken farmers from Peru. We eat nails for breakfast and clip our toenails with hedge trimmers.

Okay, maybe we’re not that hardcore. We’re Seattle-based, and tend more to soy lattes, Cafe Cubanos, and orange juice for breakfast (not at the same time). TrenchMice is what we do.

TrenchMice’s concept started from a series of discussions in 2005 about the urgent need for tech workers to know more about what they’re walking into in high-tech companies, and especially startups. So often the “hard” information (# of employees, press releases, etc.) is easy to come by, but “soft” information (what’s it like in there, how is the company strategy changing, who’s pulling the strings, etc.) is simply unavailable in a credible forum.

We have a dedicated development and design staff of three, and a stellar advisory board.

To date, we are entirely self-funded with no debt. We purposely chose this path. It allowed us to develop our vision of an independent venue for workers — the people in the trenches — without undue external influence. That said, we are not at this point philosophically opposed to external investment.

During TrenchMice’s beta we will be bringing new features online and resolving issues on a daily basis. We encourage you to visit our blog to see what we’re up to or drop us a line.