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Exclusion from the Tenders: Just an Illicit, But Not Only!

That the world of competitions and procurement has always been characterized by a high level of complexity, is not new. The dense mesh of the bureaucratic network is explained by the public and institutional nature of the contracting entity. The public administration must ensure the utmost transparency and integrity of the companies participating in the invitations to tender, in compliance with the legality and the citizens. It is not infrequently the case that the contracting station is forced to exclude from the race one or more participants, because they are accused of committing serious professional wrongdoing. On the legislative level, this case is governed by art. 80, paragraph 5, read. c) of Legislative Decree No. 50 of 2016.

If the entity which informs a notice of the presence of companies that are not in line with the legislation, it must demonstrate adequately that the economic operator concerned has been guilty of such serious professional offences as to question his Integrity and reliability.
What does “professional malpractice” mean? The above article of D. LGs. 50/2016 identifies, by way of example, specific cases:
– Conviction with final judgment for crimes, fraud, false communications, exploitation of child labor, Mafia infiltration;
– Non-payment, ascertained, of tax, taxes and/or social security contributions;
– Deficiencies in the execution of a previous contract which caused the early termination.

The Contracting Party must be able to demonstrate with valid means the presence of these offences. The legislation is therefore to protect the fiduciary constraint which is triggered between the contracting authority and the contracting company. In a judgment of 5 September 2017, the Council of State underlines that even if the conviction charged to the economic operator was not definitive, it could, however, prejudice its participation in the tender. The mere presence of a conviction, although not yet definitive, in fact, represents in itself an indirect proof of which the administration could very well avail and take into account, affirms the ruling. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations it is always good that the economic operator adopts a maximum transparency behavior by going to declare all the elements that could influence its assessment: it will be the contracting entity to decree the Gravity. The non-inducing such situations would make the enterprise appear unclear and collaborative, going to compromise the image. However, the adversarial is always admitted, i.e. the possibility offered to the trader to explain his position, in cases where the economic operator has proved transparent and loyal to the Contracting Party.

The presence of an undertaking which has committed an offence must be reported to the ANAC – National Anti-corruption Authority – from the contracting station, i.e. the administration. It will be the responsibility of the ANAC to communicate to the parties involved any wrongdoing by inserting them into the computer criminal: in this way the officiality of the news will be decreed that, in turn, will also affect the curriculum of the company.

Wanting to make a quick summary: The companies participating in tenders that hide skeletons in the closet is good that they immediately present it to the contracting administrations. Only in this way will they have the right to the contradictory in order to explain their position and avoid, thus, to be excluded from the race. This is true even when judgments are not definitive, as they also represent evidence of which the contracting stations can avail themselves. In turn, the Contracting Parties may report such irregularities to the ANAC, which will insert the report into the computerized box. This process is also valid for subcontractors. The rules concerning the exclusion from tendering contracts for the completion of professional illicit by construction undertakings is clear and precise: it will be enough to stick to the shadow of important opportunities.

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Mac Software for Business

The most critical part of this is that you download from a genuine web page devoid of receiving some adware or worse, a virus on to your Macintosh. This first step when doing so is identifying the web page that you are downloading from. Realize that almost all of your internet websites above the online world will there be just to make income by receiving in a lot of hits and to perform this, they could just spot a variety of keyword phrases on their web page devoid of virtually any relevant facts.

Also, contrary to preferred opinion, even all internet websites which necessitate you to enroll working with an account will also not generally be safe. In truth, they can be worse due to the fact they collect personal data which goes in to their database.

The most beneficial internet websites will have a fantastic layout and above all, a fantastic sized database of programs. It may not be hosting the Mac software download links but will divert you for the same. At instances it’s possible you’ll be asked to download and install some more application, which for most scenarios might be pointless. You will discover generally selections to not do so and so are advisable. But if these appear, they do not mean a web page will not be genuine.

A fantastic web page that presents Mac software download link or hosts the DMG files will generally have all the prime rated application programs as well. Also, the content might be very well sorted and you can give it a trial by downloading a smaller system.

The online world would be the finest resource to find out no matter if the web page that you are planning to download from is preferred and has common visitors and users. You can even come across out if there�s any spam web page to choose from and put with your blacklist. At the end of your day, it is best to come across a sizable database of applications on the apple web page itself but if you need anything additional, ensure that to take a look at a protected web page.

How to Find New Customers Online

We all know that to increase sales you need to find new customers. But how?

People will be interested in you and your products only if they know of your existence, so it is essential to have good visibility. 28.9 million Italians have been sailing for two years at least once a day and 17.2 million access the web via smartphone; Just cross the doors of the web and discover how to find new customers online. Not owning a website, these days, is a drawback.

The consumer when he needs to meet a particular need starts by searching for information on the web, it goes without saying that if you are not present among the searches you can not be chosen. The process of finding new online customers must be done by degrees, the immensity of the Internauta people puts you in the condition of having to restrict the market, you can follow this strategy through the sales funnel, which I will explain in the next Paragraph, at the end of which you will have at your disposal a certain number of customers definitely interested in your products.

The sale funnel

To make sure that the Visitiatori that arrive on your website become paying customers, it is very important to have good in mind as you articulate your sales funnel, that is the path that follows from the initial research phase until you make the decision to buy A product or rely on you for a service.

This process is often called a funnel because it can be described as a sort of funnel where users ‘ visits come from above, and from below – or at least they should go out – sales and conversions.

This sale funnel is divided into 3 main parts:

  • The first part is the one that takes into account a large number of users, at this stage you have to attract as many people as possible to your site. The more people you manage to bring on your site and the more likely you will have to find new customers and increase your turnover.
  • The second part, is taken with a part of the users who viewed, these are those who liked the site and begin to interact with it. To retain the largest number of customers, particular attention must be paid to the structure of the website and usability. At this stage you have to educate the Poentziali customers about everything related to your product, so as to generate your interest and turn it into a lead, or a contact that has registered and left you his contacts.
  • The third and final part of your sales funnel is aimed at selling, you have collected a number of visitors, you have gotten their contacts and now is the right time to take advantage of this sales opportunity. . If you try to sell your product or service when the customer is still in the initial stages, you will have much less chance of closing a bargain.

How to bring traffic to your website

How do you bring as many customers as possible in the first part of your funnel?
You will have to create as much traffic as possible on your site. The best ways to do this are essentially 3:

  1. The blog: You can create this section in your website, here the user will find content constantly updated by you or those who will take care of it, is what will make your site active. The contents will cover all the interests that unite your potential customers, must be consistent with the activity carried out by your company. The keywords and content in general will be indexed by the search engine that will make them appear on the search results page each time a similar search is made by a navigator. A page containing good articles will allow you to be displayed once, while a page with constantly updated articles will allow you to be viewed several times.
  2. Paid campaigns: You can activate paid campaigns through which every click will the potential customer to your site. You can use two modes in particular: campaigns in AdWords and banners. To learn more about this type of campaign, read the article “better investing in an online advertising or a traditional one?”.
  3. Dem (Direct email Marketing): This is a strategy that involves sending emails to potential customers or existing customers with the website link. To convince customers to click We suggest you offer some discount or other exclusive advantage accessible only with a code (PROMOCODE) that they find in the mail.

How to convince customers to stay on your site

One of the fundamental aspects is surely the web design: How pleasing is visual and functional your site?
You must create all the necessary conditions to convert the visitor into potential customer and you will have only one chance, then the responsibility passes to the graphics of the site, on average in the first 8 seconds the user decides whether to continue venturing into the exploration of the site or abandon it.

Use a color scheme designed to be captivating and at the same time directing the customer in the right direction that is usually a contact form or trolley. For this work I recommend you to contact a Web agency experienced in user experience.

As for simplicity, however, I refer to usability or the efficiency of the site: once landed on the website the user in a few seconds must understand how to use. The structure of your site must be functional and easy to read. As Steve Jobs says: The design does not have to do with the “How it looks”, but with the “how it works”.

To simplify the reading of the page you can enter call to action, such as the buttons with the inscription “register” to make that particular path immediate. The data card pages must be short and easy to compile.

Finally, the graphics must adapt perfectly to each device, even the mobile ones since many people prefer navigation from the smartphone or tablet rather than from the PC. To do this you can choose whether to create an app or a responsive site. Make this choice simple by reading two of our articles: Create an app in 5 steps and pros and cons of a responsive site.

Getting profile contacts

All the work of the previous stages of the funnel serves to prepare the customer at the final stage: the sale. If the customer has arrived until this stage is definitely strongly interested in what you offer and now is the right time to sink the shot. Use the contacts you have acquired with the utmost care to generate as many sales as possible.

Obviously, as you could understand, the route is certainly not immediate and the decisions to take are many but fortunately there is a very simple solution to the problem: TrenchMice!

On TrenchMice you can find already many customers who are already in the final part of the funnel and are ready to purchase your service or product!

We take care of all the research and skimming of non-interested users and we put you directly in touch only with those who are really interested in your service!

Sign up for free to see all the customer requests in your area that require your service and decide which contact to do the job!
There are already many companies that have opted for this strategy to have a real advantage in terms of increased turnover, one of them is Cristian Paggiarin, an electrician who has reported his testimony; By purchasing the requests that most interested him, in this case 4, with the first 3 quotes he got the jobs and awaits the confirmation of the last budget.

Advertising Doesn’t Have to be Expensive In

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive in order to work. The best kinds of advertising are the kinds that keep just as much profit your small business as you can. Search for techniques that cost the exact same financially but bring you greater exposure.

Effective marketing is not always expensive. Practical advertising keeps capital inside your business while generating new business. Do your research and choose advertising that delivers the most bang for your buck.

Expensive advertising does not equate to effective advertising. Realistically, small business owners have to maximize their cash flow and advertising takes money from your very own profit. By hunting for advertising that provides the best return on dollars, you maximize your cash flow.

Word-of-mouth advertising could help you to help you increase your clientele. Use social networks as twitter to promote your products. Read twitter promotion reviews on An illustration of this is often to grant a price reduction to an existing customer for referring your services to one of their friends and offering that new customer precisely the same deal. Even if a customer only refers one other person, send them a thank you card or small gift. The incentive as well as your thoughtfulness will encourage them to send more people over time.

Word-of-mouth advertising is definitely an old but good way of generating business. By awarding an active customer a price reduction for referring an associate and then, in turn, providing the same discount to the referred friend you increase your business. If your customer generates even only one lead follow-up with a thank you or small gift and you will have effectively provided a bonus for them to refer lots more people to your business.

SEO Process and Techniques

The search engines use robots called crawlers to identify the web pages for their search algorithms. If your web pages are linked from pages that are indexed by other search engines, then they are automatically updated. But there are certain search engines such as Yahoo, which requires paid submission of URLs for searches. The services of such search engines guarantee a place in the search engines but do not guarantee higher ranks until review. Google on the other hand offers webmaster tools using which an XML map feed is created and submitted for free of cost.

There are a number of factors for the crawlers to consider crawling a page and one important factor is the distance of pages from the root node. The webmasters have the ability to prevent crawling in certain pages using robots.txt file. There are times when some pages need not be placed in indexes and such page information is provided in the text file. This robots.txt is the first file which is crawled and the parsers instruct the robots not to crawl those pages. The use of specific Meta tags also prevents the search engines from indexing certain pages. Most often, the login pages are prevented from crawling. If you want search engines to crawl your sites often, then you need to update their contents now and then. The content present in the pages should include appropriate keywords. They should not be jammed through the pages and must be spread everywhere.

Apart from contents, cross links from one page to another within a website also increases the visibility. The SEO techniques can be classified as black hat techniques and white hat techniques. The former is the informal way of optimizing web pages for getting better results, but such techniques are not authorized by the search engines and once found, the sites following such techniques gets banned immediately. Whereas, the white hat techniques are the conventional and organic means of promoting web pages using good design, accurate keywords etc. One of the more common black hat techniques is spamdexing. The white hat techniques need to follow the guidelines of the search engines and the common rule of thumb is that the web pages need to be created keeping in mind the target audience and not the search engines. If such principle is followed, the sites will automatically be placed higher in the searches because of high traffic.

ATM Advertising

While word-of-mouth advertising is ancient; it still turns out to be effective in boosting your clientele. By granting discounts to existing customers for referring friends and granting similar discounts to the friends referred, you increase your clientele. Such an action conveys to your customer that you are a partner and that one hand washes another. Even if the customer generates merely one referral, follow up with a thank you or small gift thereby providing incentive to enable them to encourage others to visit your business.
Create incentives which do not cost you money upfront. Another technique to generate more sales from a existing customer base is to offer incentives similar to $10 off for each and every $100 spent. In the event the person was originally going to spend $75, they’ll likely go ahead and spend the $100 only to get that incentive.

By creating incentives that dont empty your pockets investment money beforehand you can start to make more sales from existing customers. For example, offer customers a $10 discount on every $100 they spend. Customers always wind up spending enough money to feel that they may be getting something back. Another option is to provide a $10 coupon toward future purchases for every $100 spent. Such actions deduct from your very own profit and never require investment dollars.

When you’re creative you’ll introduce enticements that dont cost money before making a sale. You may offer customers a $10 immediate discount or perhaps a $10 coupon for future purchases per $100 they spend. Customers that might not spend $100 may spend slightly more to discover the discount. Such an action does not cost you business investment dollars.
Create partnerships with other small business owners and community organizations. This can assist you to by spreading out expenses and may allow you to reach more people as well. For example, research the amount it is to sponsor a local senior high school sports team (together with other businesses) as compared to other kinds of advertising.
By partnering along with other small enterprises and community organizations you’ll be able to spread out expenses and gain exposure simultaneously. Investigate the fee for getting a page in a local school or organization publication versus the cost of advertising in the local newspaper.

When collaborating with other small enterprises and community organizations you’ll be able to spread out advertising expenses while you gain exposure. Compare the expense of sponsoring a nearby team or school event versus the money necessary for local print advertising.

BizfinityPro 7.0

Bizfinity, Inc., developer of the most advanced, adaptable online business applications for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the immediate availability of BizfinityPro 7.0. The new version introduces two new suites to the extensive array of products available: Distribution Suite and Manufacturing Suite.

Manufacturing Suite is Bizfinity’s most complete and comprehensive solution, providing all the modules available in other suites, with the addition of a new module, Assemblies Manager. Assemblies Manager brings incomparable flexibility in configuring and managing assembled items, and real-time integration with BizfinityPro’s Order Manager and Distribution Manager. Subassemblies are handled at unlimited levels, and the system automatically calculates component availability to satisfy outstanding orders and updates component inventory as each item is built and shipped. Support is provided for Finished Goods, Bundles (Kits) and Build To Order items, as well as full integration with BizfinityPro’s order-entry and e-Commerce capabilities.

BizfinityPro allows its users to sell products online, and now with Assemblies Manager, customers can select from an online list of components of any build-to-order item – such as a PC or bicycle, an item of furniture or jewelry, and instantly see the final assembled price. BizfinityPro automatically feeds all online orders into the back office assembly, inventory, shipping and billing processes, all included in the BizfinityPro Manufacturing Suite.

Distribution Suite and Manufacturing Suite come fully loaded with Bizfinity’s other modules, including Web Site Creator, Web Store Creator, Credit Card Manager, Sales Manager, and Accounting Manager. Included in these modules, BizfinityPro offers interactive e-Commerce, CRM, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory, and credit card processing, all delivered in a tightly-integrated online business system.

Bizfinity, Inc. is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides an advanced Business Synchronization Platform for growing businesses. Bizfinity’s platform was written from the ground up as a ‘Web-based’ application, fully equipped to operate at true Internet speed. Bizfinity’s platform is robust, scalable and secure, built on Oracle’s 8i database and operating on Sun Microsystem’s Enterprise servers, designed to deliver a high level of fault tolerance and real-time mirroring capabilities. Bizfinity transfers all data over secure Internet connections using proprietary encryption techniques as well as bank-standard 128-bit Server Gated Cryptography (SGC), stringently tested by Bizfinity partner Citibank.

Condominium Shingle: Who is the Responsibility in Case of Theft?

Scaffolding typically used for building works, being temporary structures for high-altitude work, must foresee a well-defined set of precautions in order to prevent falls not only of people but also of things.

The Legislative Decree 81/2008 contains the indications concerning scaffolding for the metal building industry in order to guarantee the safety of those who work there. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, these provisions are not implemented, but these are measures that if adopted would to avoid numerous white deaths. The practices in the decree relate to the assembly of scaffolding but also good standards of use. First, it is forbidden to store materials. The weight of these and of the people present on the scaffolding must always be less than that permitted by the structural resistance of scaffolding. In addition, the tools on the scaffolding during work must not obstruct the walkways and bridges in order to ensure an easy passage. The uprights must exceed 1.20 meters the last deck so that we can assemble devices that guarantee the safety even of those who work up there. All the elements (bridges, walkways, andatas) placed more than 2 meters high must be fitted on all sides of railings. In the event that cantilever bridges are used, their construction must respond to precise calculation procedures and ensure stability and solidity. Decks and service bridges must have all safety bridges at a distance not exceeding 2.50 meters. And gangways must have a width not less than 60 centimeters if they are intended for the passage of persons and 1.20 meters if they provide for the passage of goods.

The construction scaffolds used to carry out maintenance work can often be transformed into dangerous ways of access to housing. This phenomenon occurs mainly in condominiums. But in these cases whose fault is it? Of the company that is carrying out the work, as well as the owner of the scaffolds, or of the condominium, which should verify that whoever carries out the works is following all the good rules of the case?

“Each person is responsible for the damage caused by the things he has in custody, unless he proves the fortuitous case” recites article 2051 of the Civil Code. This means that the custodian of the good should always be considered responsible unless it proves that the event occurred is the result of the fortuitous event, which is an unforeseeable and unforeseen occurrence. The injured, to receive compensation, will have to demonstrate the causal link between what happened, the theft in his apartment, and the thing, that is, the scaffold. The problem, in particular, is to understand who to claim the damage: firm, condominium or both?

The Court of Milan, in a judgment of 2002, stipulates that they must be declared responsible for the theft by the scaffolding both the construction company executing the works and the condominium. The first, if it did not put in place solutions aimed at preventing access to the apartments through the scaffolding, the second, in the person of the administrator, if he had not endowed an adequate system of alarm. Ten years later, the Court of Bari is in line with the previous ruling: “Since it is known that scaffolding and scaffolding constitute, in itself, an easy facilitation for thieves, both the entrepreneur and the condominium are obliged to put In place appropriate forms of protection aimed at avoiding access to condominium apartments, such as, for example, the accommodation of an anti-theft apparatus.” Of course, responsibilities are of a different nature: that of the firm derives from the violation of the prohibition of non-existence, that is to say, not to harm the juridical sphere of others, that of the condo from the violation of the duty of custody.

Even the Court of Cassation over the last 30 years has issued a series of rulings and, according to the prevailing jurisprudence, we could say that in case of theft in the apartment accomplished using the scaffolds placed for the renovation work Of the condominium building, civil liability is set up for the improper damage to others and to the company, which has not endowed the scaffolding with adequate precautions to prevent its anomalous use, both in relation to the condominium for a Twofold title: As caretaker of the building, and therefore in duty to supervise it, and for failing to supervise the work of the contractor (or to have chosen an inadequate). It appears clear and evident that the omitted custody, in terms of lack of supervision of the scaffold, is the element that can determine the attribution of liability in the head of the manufacturer, the condominium or both. As for the tenant who suffers the theft this can never be declared responsible, not being able to consider itself part of the contract of contracts, stipulated with the condominium.

Pulling the ranks of the speech: the Court of Cassation considered that responsibility should be imputed to the contracting undertaking whenever this did not take the appropriate measures to prevent theft, thereby facilitating the Guilty. In turn, the condominium, represented by the figure of the administrator, can be attributed the responsibility of the theft when it does not supervise properly on the building and on the work of the contractor.

Responsive Website: Pros and cons

The growing navigation from mobile devices has triggered a revolution also regarding the creation of websites. According to some data from the Google consumer Barometer, which analyzes the trend of the market and the use of the Internet in the world, from 2012 to today, has vicarage an increase in the use of mobile Web services and is expected to 2017 a further increase of 66%. More and more people surf the Internet directly from mobile devices rather than from the desktop.

Who wants to create a site or who already owns one, must necessarily keep up with the times by having a portal that is capable of adapting to mobile devices, without affecting the user experience and respecting the rules and parameters imposed by Google. Visibility is very important for a web portal it is inevitable that this is accessible and functional by from any device.

The ability to create a multi-screen website can be reached from two different locations: the responsive site or the mobile site. Both have as their goal the creation of a website visible from each device, the difference lies in the medium with which you reach the goal.

To have a more complete picture our advice is to contact a Web agency or a site programmer able to develop an app, to evaluate what is the most convenient choice for you and the one that best suits your needs and needs .

In this article we will focus on all the pros and cons of a responsive site.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a so-called “smart” site, because it can change its layout and content by adapting to the device from which it is accessed (tablet, smartphone or desktop) or the operating system used (Windows, Android, Apple, etc.).

Automatically the responsive site will adapt to the screen size, resolution and orientation. It is a site accessible at any time and from any device, which does not affect the speed of navigation and the user experience.

The user who navigates from the smartphone in fact is little patient, wants to get immediately to the heart of the news or the topic that interests him. If the site is slow, the pages are barely visible or are wedges of advertising, the user will go away and hardly return to the site.

With the help of an experienced developer, you need to create a responsive, unobstructed site that helps your user experience and is quick to navigate. Now we can analyze in specific all the pros and cons of a responsive site.

The Benefits of Google

For those who want to build a responsive website, in SEO oriented key or who runs an e-commerce Portal, visibility on Google is simply vital. Placing yourself in the Google SERP between the top positions is critical to increase your visibility.

It is therefore necessary to comply with the rules imposed by Google, a luxury showcase for those who want to showcase their web products. From this point of view you prefer responsive sites, because they have only one URL and one HTML code, which makes it much easier to index a website on Google.

In addition, the contents of a website with only one URL code are much more usable and can be shared by the users. The responsive website greatly improves the user experience of the Navigator, an aspect to which Google takes much account of the ranking rating.

The advantages of the structure

Even if you decide to entrust yourself to a web agency, you should know the composition and structure of a responsive site, so that you can choose the most professional agency. A responsive website uses cascading style sheets (CSS) 3 (cascading style sheets), which is a language that can format HTML, XHTML, and XML documents as Web sites.

The CSS 3 also is also very useful for solving Internet Explorer bugs (which although belonging to the prehistory of browsers is used by many users), to create rounded edges and improve backgrounds. Making a responsive site means having, as we have already said, a single URL, with simple content to manage and administer just because they are not duplicated.

With a mobile site you need to duplicate the contents for the desktop version and for the mobile version, resulting in waste of money and energy.

A responsive site therefore, in addition to being well seen by Google having a single version, saves money and effort and there is no need for any direct to hijack users from mobile devices on the site.

A very useful solution if you have a company with little budget and you have to optimize the costs: a responsive site will be usable on both the desktop version and the mobile version at no extra cost.

The SEO oriented advantages of a responsive website

As we explained the responsive sites have only one URL, this allows you to keep the traffic of visits on a single portal without dividing it.

It is a very important aspect from a strategic point of view, especially if most of the revenue comes from advertising. With a single URL you will not affect the visibility of social networks and does not fragment the link popularity, a measure of the reliability of the website that also affects online visibility.

The link popularity is very important since the search engines first place the sites that guarantee greater reliability. Finally, the user is at ease both on the desktop and on the mobile device, since it interfaces with the same templates with a more or less similar navigation.


It is not all gold what glitters though, undoubtedly there are also drawbacks for those who decide to use a responsive site.

You must first try to lighten the page as much as possible, choosing content and photos not excessively heavy so as not to slow down the navigation of the site and the opening of the pages.

The user in fact needs to be able to switch from one page to another without waiting too long.

Some research has indicated that 74% of users, after 4 seconds of loading, leave the site. It is therefore necessary to stay below this loading threshold, otherwise you risk losing a large amount of potential readers.

The responsive site presents a process of analysis, testing and design rather laborious and complicated, as they increase the difficulties and variables to be evaluated, especially if the portal is very complex and elaborated from a graphic and stylistic point of view . Finally it is difficult, if not impossible, to optimize the portal with specific keywords for the mobile context.

In fact, the same key can have completely different research volumes, especially in reference to the needs of the user experienced in different areas.

Now you know more specifically all the pros and cons of a responsive site, you just have to contact a web agency or an experienced programmer to make a site “ex novo” or to modernize an existing one.